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Healthquest: Saini Tejinder MD at 58 Timber Creek Drive, Cordova in Memphis, Tennessee

Healthquest: Saini Tejinder MD is healthcare, which located in Tennessee. They address is 58 Timber Creek Drive, Cordova.
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Phone: +1 901-566-1002


58 Timber Creek Drive, Cordova,
Memphis, Tennessee
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Customer Reviews about Healthquest: Saini Tejinder MD

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    Very bad. Do not use Dr sani if you have bi polar disorder. If you require a controlled substance like collonozapam for management they will not do it. They will treat you like a drug adict and either send you out the door on meds that dont wrk or meds that screw you up. Even if you have been on a regiment for years and it works they will still screw your meds up. When you have something that works and your life is manageble and wonderful you dnt switch the persons meds especially bi polar unless thrs a valid reason not just because your scared to prescribe the mildest controlled substance because of bullshit red tape. If you have lived with bipolar for a long period of time you all know everyone is different and once the right med combo is found weather its salt mud or just lithium its wonderful because you are able to function. This guy will risk putting you on antiphycotics right at first and i have been dealing with this disease my whole life you do not want to go on antiphycotics until last resort and from my expeirence 25 years of living with this disease while antiphycotics worked as Band-Aid or weak patch they also caused me to expierrnce phycotic symptoms I never had in my life and its almost permanent and not worth the risk . if you are bi polar you must get a good doctor and unfortunately that may require you spending money on private care. If you can be managed by serequel, trazadone and all the drugs like that then this place may work for you so call yourself lucky but if your regiment requires any controlled substance like collonopin even if you only take it a couple times a month for a extreme breakdown they wnt do it. Also collonopin is a benzo but I will warn you xanax is not affective dnt use that. Its behind the times type care at this place. They will not listen to you they wont even listen to your phycologists recommendations and when you are bi polar everyone must work together and you must stick to a strict diet llowing sugar,you must eat three times a day and get adequate sleep and excercize. You have to excercize atleast 30 minutes a day at a heart rate above 145 beats a minute. You must also have purpose and a strict schedule and you cnt drink alcohol and if pot helps you alleviate symptoms only use it if you cnt get medical care because while pot can be a excellent treatment for bipolar its not good because the pot you get on the street is not medicinal and will only work as a Band-Aid. U can treat bipolar with pot but you cnt abuse it and you have to do it where you get medicinal preferably edibles. I hope this helps because I know allot of you are stuck in this situation and many bi polars are treated so awful and usually judged because when you are sick you are not your self. On that note dnt give up and absolultley do not settle for this clinic unless they can provide the meds you need. If you are just being diagnosed they may try you on bad drugs b very carfull you want to manage bi polar with as little meds as possible. Listen to doctors suggestions but you must be your own advocate because if you slip these doctors will turn you into a zombie and youl be screwed off for months. Dr sani is nice but so is the neighborhood drug dealer and I assure you the neighborhood drug dealer does not have your interest in mind.
    January 30, 2017
    by Nathan Scruggs
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Healthquest: Saini Tejinder MD is located at 58 Timber Creek Drive, Cordova, Memphis, Tennessee.