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Dr. Joseph T. Santoso, MD at 80 Humphreys Center suite 202 in Memphis, Tennessee

Dr. Joseph T. Santoso, MD is healthcare, which located in Tennessee. They address is 80 Humphreys Center suite 202.
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Phone: +1 901-683-0055


80 Humphreys Center suite 202,
Memphis, Tennessee
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Customer Reviews about Dr. Joseph T. Santoso, MD

  • Doctor Santoso saved my life! I became his patient immediately after being diagnosed by my gynecologist and consulted with him the next day. I have a very low zero tolerance to pain and have never had surgery or hospitalized only to give birth 26 years ago. When the biopsy came back, Dr. Santoso reassured me that his pain management is excellent and he’s known for that as well. Actually, all of the nurses and staff members reassured me of his special skill. I took everyone’s word for it and went through the process and preparedness for my surgery which was 8/14/17. I went for my 2 week follow-up today, and had great news! No chemo or radiation required! I will have to go for 6 month’s and yearly check-up for 5 years to make sure it doesn’t return. Please don’t fear the worst as I did but allowed God to lead me on and I’m glad I did. I may have waited too late, but I did not wait a stage 1 of cancer was diagnosed and removed. The nurses, staff and all the other Doctors that helped me in the process of my surgery, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had robotic-surgery, yes, I have 5 small incisions but I’ll be ok. I will be returning to work next week and I started my daily routine walk with my pet Roxy. I especially have to thank and so appreciative for Dr. Santoso’s skilled knowledge and care. I don’t believe I would have made it if wasn’t for his expertise in pain management and oncology. Take the time to get checked, don’t wait till it’s too late.
    February 05, 2017
    by Belinda Malone
  • Don’t Wait I was diagnosed with polyps . I cried wondering why am I getting referred to Dr. Santos’s (CANCER DOCTOR). Guess what ladies I went to Dr.Santoso he discussed my options . The best decision I ever made . Don’t wait your body gives you signs something is wrong DONT ignore them . I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Santoso and staff. I can’t express my satisfaction .
    December 12, 2016
    by Cynthia Matthews-kuykendall
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About Dr. Joseph T. Santoso, MD in Memphis

Dr. Joseph T. Santoso, MD is located at 80 Humphreys Center suite 202, Memphis, Tennessee.